Nottingham Conferences App

Designed specifically to help you to find your bearings on campus (all three of them!), the FREE Nottingham Conferences Walking App is quick to download to your smart phone. Click on one of the following buttons;

Once you are physically on one of our campuses, (it only works whilst you are here) open up the App and it will indicate (via GPS) your current location. (Only the campus you are on will be shown). At any time, if you move away from your current location on the App, you can locate yourself again by pressing the blue arrow on the bottom left hand side of the screen.

There are two ways of using the App;

If you know the name of the building to where you want to go, click on the top blue bar, from which will appear a drop down menu. From this menu, you will be able to select a building name. Once you have clicked on this building, a 'walking route' will be shown to your destination.

If you aren't sure of the building name, but know roughly on campus where you need to go, you can move around on the interactive map. Each location is indicated by a blue dot, if you click on any blue dot, you will be able to discover more information about the building or location. Once you have found your desired location, you can click on the link which will show you the walking route.

As you are walking, your location will change, helping you to re-find your route (or identify any buildings on-route) if you need to.