Environmental Information

Environmental information

As part of the University of Nottingham, Nottingham Conferences are fully committed to following and taking part in all the University's green policies and initiatives.

The University of Nottingham's Environmental Policy...

The University is currently committed to:
• Developing effective waste management and recycling practices
• Promoting and encouraging the use of sustainable forms of travel and transport by staff and students
• Minimising harmful emissions released into the atmosphere and help to conserve valuable resources for future generations through improvements in energy efficiency
• Maintaining the grounds of the University in an environmentally sensitive way, having regard to the protection of natural habitats and local wildlife where practicable
• Increasing the awareness of environmental responsibilities amongst staff, students and visitors of the University
• Taking into account environmental factors in re-development and new build projects
• Meeting the requirements of relevant legislation and striving for the continual improvement of environmental performance
*Approved by Management Board November 2005

The University of Nottingham's Energy Policy...

The University of Nottingham is committed to minimizing its energy consumption. This will improve the environment by reducing harmful emissions released into the atmosphere and help to conserve valuable resources for future generations. In support of this the University will strive to:
• Utilise Building Energy Management Systems to monitor and control heating and ventilation systems
• Re-visit control systems on buildings to ensure that they are operating at the highest efficiency
• Promote energy awareness amongst all members of the University
• Adopt and promote good housekeeping measures
• Further develop and utilize the Green Design Guide where appropriate
• Encourage the use of best practise techniques and technologies in all major works
• Provide internal comfort conditions for staff and students, endeavouring in the winter to provide a temperature of at least 19 C
• Work with all departments/procurement to promote whole life costing and invest where practicable in the most energy efficient equipment
• Purchase green energy as far as practicable into account value for money
• Develop and maintain an evolving list of energy saving projects and work to secure funding for these
• Actively pursue external funding and grants for energy saving measures
• Publish an annual report and benchmark our performance against other similar institutions within the sector
*Adopted by the Environment Committee, October 2005

Staff Cycle Schemes

There are two cycle schemes available to at the University, they both allow staff to purchase a bicycle/equipment and pay monthly instalments for the total purchase price through a salary sacrifice scheme, allowing flexibility for those who are interested in purchasing a new bicycle.

Click here for more detailed information about Staff Cycle Schemes at the University of Nottingham

Car Sharing

By teaming up with the UK's largest car sharing network, the University provides a car share scheme specifically for members of staff.

Car sharing can:
- Cut your fuel costs
- Reduce your carbon footprint
- Help to reduce traffic congestion and pollution

Click here for more detailed information about Car Share Schemes at the University of Nottingham


The University offers advice and facilities for recycling the below items:

- Tins and cans
- Paper and cardboard
- Computer recycling
- CD, DVD and video tape recycling
- Clothing and shoe recycling
- Fluorescent tube recycling
- Glass recycling
- Mobile phone recycling
- Plastic bottle recycling
- Ink cartridge recycling

Click here for more information about recycling at the University of Nottingham

University Grounds

The University has won numerous awards for the excellent ground facilities including the Millennium Garden, which has been shown on BBC's 'Gardeners Show'. The garden was created for students and staff to get away from the busyness of everyday life. The Millennium Garden is also there for any visitor to enjoy.

Environmental Champions Network

The University of Nottingham runs an Environmental Champions Network to encourage communication between all departments about sharing different ideas on environmental practices and to work together to increase awareness across the University.

In total there are ninety one members of the network, two of which belong to Nottingham Conferences. This puts Nottingham Conferences in a better position to offer our clients constructive ideas for environmentally friendly improvements, which can be made when holding their conferences and events here.


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